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Why email marketing is a must

Are you looking to improve and grow your business? While there are many ways to advertise, I want to focus on email marketing. Not only can you reach an audience of individuals, but there is also an opportunity to reach businesses. Say you are looking to reach the HR team of businesses with 500+ people. Here at Miller, we can reach those people and in return, help you improve your business. The next step of this process is retargeting those people who showed interest in your email, we will touch on this a little later.

The beauty of email marketing is you can completely personalize it. From the creative, radius, audience, and more. Here at Miller, we have you covered with every aspect of this quick process. Our in-house graphic design department will curate the most eye-catching creative that represents you and your brand. We evaluate who you are trying to reach and lock down a location radius and target demo. We backlink all of your creative to track how many clicks and site visits you received. From there we can retarget who received and opened your email. It takes several points of contact for a prospect to become a customer so it’s important to pop up in several places to really capture your audience.

Lucky for you, Miller Ad Agency is a full-service agency. We do it all in the house so we will help you create your eblast, deploy and then retarget those who opened your email. We’ll curate those opener lists and it heads to our digital department. Miller’s graphic design department will create a banner set that represents your brand and your eblast, we target the same demo previously agreed on, and add the list of openers. This way you are getting another point of contact with your potential customer.

All this to say, whatever you need doing, Miller is here for you. We will even take on the most challenging projects because we believe in our work and in helping others. Are you ready to grow your business? Have you been waiting for a sign to improve your business? Well here is your sign! Give us a call today, you will not regret it. 972-243-2211.