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UA to GA4, Are You Prepared?

Did you hear the news? We hope so because Google announced you have until July 1st, 2023 to prepare your website or app for a major change. Google Analytics 4(GA4) is going to replace Universal Analytics on this date.

First let’s talk about what this change means. Starting July 1st, 2023 if you use the current iteration of Google Analytics, your property and views will stop receiving data. Google recommends now is the time to set up GA4 and run alongside UA until this date. When the changeover happens, you’ll have data populated in the new GA4 interface and also have spent time in the new interface learning it’s new features and functions.

Reasons for the change to GA4 are around key factors of how the world of marketing and analytics are changing in the near future. As we approach a cookieless environment, GA4 has been crafted as a privacy focused initiative for Google along with setting up a longer-term solution in web and app analytics. With easier integration between app and web, GA4 allows you to create data streams across multiple properties. Lastly, as we move into a world of machine learning, GA4 allows machine learning to create more valuable insights of customer journeys into your properties.

Don’t fear, your current UA data will not be lost right away. Google has stated as of now after the cutoff of July 1st, 2023 users will have a six-month time period to access the old data in UA. You should prepare ahead of time to export that data in a meaningful way to conserve it. The plan is to remove the data altogether after that six-month grace period.

What should you do? Prepare! Begin by getting GA4 setup on your web and app properties and begin populating data. Dive into the new interface and data. The best way to learn is by doing. There are many key features in GA4 that streamline old processes and also data points and names that have been renamed or repurposed. Begin to familiarize yourself with the changes so when the time comes, you’ll be ready. Or, you can contact the Miller Ad Agency to help you prepare the most valuable asset to your business, data.