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The Importance of the Right Media Buy

The other night, Meet the Press, a national political talk-show, was on in my kitchen. During one of the breaks, a local automobile shop aired a commercial.

So what was the problem? The shop in question is for buyers with low to no credit – not exactly the demographic watching this particular show. The quality of the commercial itself was also very poor. So why was this commercial on during this show?

Best case is they bought some other programming on this particular station that was more relevant for them, and this spot was simply bonus inventory. More likely? Their buyer simply bought large time slots without truly delving in to see the demographics for each show and making sure they line up with the clientele their dealership is trying to reach.

It takes industry knowledge, negotiation skills and just plain hard work to make the right media buy for the client. Make sure your media buyer is up to task. And if you ever have a doubt, the Miller Ad Agency will do a FREE analysis for you to ensure every dollar you’re spending is working as hard as you are.