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One way to keep your website fresh with new content is by writing blogs. Search engines do not like stale websites, so just like ours, yours should be far from stale. One of the best things you could do is to employ the whole company to write. At that point,  you get a healthy amount of versatility and capture a wider audience.  However, don’t stray too far from who you are.
wadded up paper being thrown into a trashcan full of other wadded up paper
Pick Hiley Mazda of Hurst and Arlington on map with icons
Ben Ryan

Shake it Up Baby!

Recently, Miller Ad Agency was invited to revisit a past client who was losing their backyard and their brand. So,

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silhouettes of shopper icons with a cellphone, woman, and building
Miller Creative

Shopper Marketing Evolved

As we have grown in the marketing industry, we’ve started gaining more and more information about consumers. Data about habits and consumers is continuously collected and in turn, our marketing strategies have become more and more complex.

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