Market Effectively with Social Media.

Use social media marketing to start a conversation with consumers

With over 936 million daily active users (DAUs), according to Facebook, there has never been a more important time to have a social media presence.

Social media can be the most effective and least expensive way to reach the exact audience you want. In addition to keeping a close relationship with your loyal customers, aka Facebook followers, we also have the ability to show Newsfeed ads to almost any demographic including, age, gender, behavior, interests, school attended, education level and more. With the social media landscape growing at 17% year over year, having a social media presence is crucial.

hand interacting with social media on phone
Billion+ active users
Reach consumers
3 million links shared every hour
300+ million active users
500 million tweets daily
80% mobile users
Billion+ active users
95 million posts daily
40 billion photos shared
300+ million active users
79% of users are 35 and older
76% of users network

Case Study.

Increased foot traffic with influencer marketing

i Fratelli Pizza was established in 1987 by the Cole Brothers in Irving, TX. They’re known for their thin-n-crispy crust, free delivery, and corporate lunches for a crowd. With their business expansion, the franchise needed to upgrade their social media presence and introduce their pizza to the residents at the new locations.
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