Email Marketing is Consistent

Traceable results so you’ll know exactly what's moving the needle

Email marketing, also called eBlast, is a broad tool with the purpose of initiating a relationship of trust between you and your customers, creating brand awareness for your product or service, and encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business.

This type of marketing gets you in your customer’s inbox. It’s an effective, and cost-efficient, way to update your consumer base with traceable results so you’ll know exactly what is moving the needle.

Miller Ad Agency eBlasts displayed in tablets

Email marketing has become, over the years, increasingly more popular because:

  • Almost half of Americans who use the Internet check or send email every single day.
  • You can track an exact return on your investment.
  • It is significantly faster and cheaper than traditional mail.
  • You can reach substantial numbers of email subscribers who have already consented to receive information on subjects that interest them (i.e. potentially your products/services).
  • Email marketing is often reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective digital marketing tactic.

Have a customer email list? We can serve ads with your product specials, new products, sales, incentives, etc to your exact database of customers or potential customers. Only reach the users you KNOW have engaged with you in the past ensuring no wasted budget on fake users or users not in your target.