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Reddit: A Passionate Community & Information Highway

Here’s the TL;DR from the Reddit recap blog on site usage in 2021. (Source: Reddit)

Reddit posted:

By-The-Numbers (as of Nov. 9, 2021):

  • More than 100,000 communities
  • Total posts: More than 366 million
  • Total comments: 2.3 billion
  • Total upvotes: Nearly 46 billion

Whether you’re an avid Redditor with a 10-year badge trophy or if this is the first you are hearing about the platform, Reddit has become an information hub for thousands of communities around the world. From meal plan preppers over on /r/mealprep sharing week long meal plans, packing, and cost savings or if you’re an avid sports fan like myself sharing feelings about the pain of being a Cleveland Browns fan talking to other Brown’s fans on /r/Browns, there’s a community out there talking and sharing information you want to talk about.

Reddit consist of communities called subreddits. Each subreddit consist of threads around the subreddit’s theme while users browse, comment, and upvote (like or dislike) the content from OP(original poster). People get a chance to share their experience, knowledge, or feelings on each post and engage with other users interacting on the topic. Threads can be funny riddled with memes, they can be serious talking about personal finance or life altering experiences, or can be joyful and happiness celebrating a huge current event like a sports team championship or ringing in the new year.

Working in marketing and being a habitual user of Reddit myself, I have watched brands find unique and compelling story telling techniques on Reddit which caught my attention as well as users of the platform which caused quiet the positive stir about the brand. From video adverts in specific subreddits that align with the brands products or services and to brands interacting with users in threads organically. I’ve witness brands ditch the Contact Us forms and website chats and direct users to bring their questions, comments, and thoughts directly to specific subreddit where users can share their experience and allow brands to interact with their communities in one place.

Reddit is a powerful tool with a unique, engaged audience that has allowed brands to expand to new audiences they may have not previously had the chance to with other marketing methods. If you want to learn more about the power of the Reddit community and how it can be part of your brands strategy to engage new customers, let’s talk. Take an upvote and have a good day.