Paths to solutions

Long history short, today almost anything can be outsourced, from milk production to opinion manufacturing and consuming.

Collectively, we’ve been outsourcing services throughout history. Since the Romans perfected aqueducts, we were looking for ways to simplify daily life and make services come to us. Long history short, today almost anything can be outsourced, from milk production to opinion manufacturing and consuming.

Specializing in one area has become ubiquitous, as we can see from the number of startups, with no end in sight. Some companies may specialize in transportation, while others may work on simplifying monetary transactions. It is about user experience, one way or another, as long as it takes fewer clicks to get there.

Learning to recognize the needs and find solutions for them has been almost a form of art, but with development of technology, distribution and logistics, solutions seem easier than ever before. Creating more with less is almost the norm nowadays. 

Yet, finding the right path for information and products has never been more complex, due to frequent shifts, corrections and alignments in business strategy, technology and public opinion. The way the Romans depended on geography, gravity, experience and knowledge to guide water from high mountains to urban centers, modern companies and developers have a difficult time finding the right path for their solutions. 

Assembly lines from Mexico to China create parts, parts of a puzzle, that get assembled somewhere in California or Arizona. Finding the right paths of creating the complex device you are using to read this article is almost as ingenious as the old Romans were in their time.

Many startups, while trying to navigate their way between obstacles, will lose the path and disappear into…something. Fine, they will disappear into oblivion. Their solutions, no matter how simple may appear, therefore useful, still depend on complex roadways of distribution and delivery. 

Unless they have a strong vision of where they want to be and how to execute it. 

When Jedi Master Liam Neeson brought young Anakin Skywalker in front of the Jedi Board of Directors and asked them to let him train the boy, to make a Jedi out of him, or at least a decent football player, eventually Jedi Master Samuel L. Jackson said: “Now is not the time for this,” failing to foresee, and prevent, in his infinite Jedi wisdom, the upcoming galactical bloodbath. He could erase Star Wars episodes 4-6 from existence by simply accepting Liam Neeson’s trainee into their school. 

Instead, young Skywalker was already on his way to do name and outfit change, as well as a major reform to depopulate Jedi schools. He was denied one path and, like Frankenstein’s monster, took the other way. 

Right, there are multiple paths, the good and bad ones, delivering right solutions or bad endings. Either way, it is your time and money.

Not sure if you saw this coming but, when it comes down to having vision, knowledge of technology and distribution paths, Miller Ad Agency is the right choice for your advertising needs. We can both create and distribute content that will find the right audience: your audience, with fewer clicks, giving you more for less while enriching user experience. All roads lead to Miller.

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