The digital marketing environment is rapidly changing

You need digital experts and Miller Ad Agency stays at the forefront of digital marketing trends to offer the latest in technology to target in-market customers the moment they are in the buying cycle.

Target your very own CRM database with unique and eye-catching display ads.

We do this by matching your CRM list with IP addresses and then targeting those users that we know are already familiar with your product. For example, this will allow us to segment our targeting to those that may be at the end of their lease, close to paying off their current vehicle or have filled out a form of interest on your website. A proven strategy in the automotive field, we can create a CRM campaign for your business.

This is the lowest hanging fruit making CRM targeting a part of any responsible digital advertising strategy.

Geo-fencing allows us to target users either around your business location.

We can target and deliver a powerful message in an area around your business location or even around and competitor’s business location. Imagine serving display ads across mobile devices to people actually shopping your competitor’s location! It’s like sitting at your competitor’s front door and stealing business!

Geo-fencing is the newest way to conquest your competition or simply advertise to users in your own backyard.

Imagine retargeting everyone that opens one of your email blasts with creative display ads that stand out and demand to be noticed.

That’s exactly what we do. By only targeting the users that see and open your email, we ensure no wasted budget and no irrelevant traffic. These users have already shown interest in your product. Why not stay in front of them to be top of mind when purchase time arises?

Our expertise doesn’t end here.

We are constantly testing new and unique ways to advertise in ways your competition is not, giving us a strategic advantage over large or slow moving agencies. With Miller Ad Agency, you’ll never have to worry about being “stale” or behind the times. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your agency is doing things the competition is only reading about.

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