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It’s through our clients that we have been able to build a reputation in excellence. And it’s for our clients that we strive every day to find that one edge, that one extra opportunity that will make the difference in our clients’ businesses. At Miller Ad Agency, we are proud of the results that we have brought to our clients, from taking a small business to the next level, to taking a large business all the way to the top.

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Miller Crew

For more than 30 years Miller Ad Agency has earned a reputation as experts in advertising. We use our unique approach to marketing and advertising to bring you the results you’re looking for. From boosting your bottom line to grow your market share, we bring results.

“Second Family.”

Chris Rose & FJ

A driven student-to-the-craft, Francis stays ahead of the game with marketing trends to ensure his clients’ goals are not only being met but exceeded. There’s nothing quite like helping local business people grow their business.

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As an exemplary Account Executive, Seth focuses on a variety of automotive brands, app companies and other local businesses. Servicing his accounts with a range of digital and traditional media, he has helped his clients surpass sales objectives, download goals, and overall business growth. Seth is driven and endlessly striving to progress his knowledge and career. When he’s not the tech savvy ad man… who are we kidding, he’s always that guy.

“Chocolates, pastries, jugs of Nutella, whatever works.”