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JU-C Jelly and Din Dons

Website, just like the phone before it, and telegraph (not the app) before it, is an object. Our use of it creates possibilities. A dealership is just another parking lot, unless you bring people to it. But not just anyone. Most likely you’d prefer people willing to buy. 

COVID – don’t you hate that term at this point – has tested and broken many aspects of our lives and the way we conduct the business. No need to remind you of all of them. But new things and options have emerged. The distribution of goods and services has improved, after testing out all of the distribution routes, although the customer service seems to be dying. A little bit of good and a little bit of bad.

So, should this be a story about COVID? God, no.

It is about possibilities of your business to reach clients on multiple levels, no matter COVID. Enter State Farm. The insurance giant crunched some numbers and decided not to advertise in the Super Bowl (called ‘the big game’ in most adverts due to copyrights), and try to get your attention through a little-known app service called TikTok (it’s not about TikTok either). This was an opportunity for them to test their own distribution routes and see what is possible. 

You see, in the last few years COVID has tested us to the maximum. And we had to find different ways to operate. We had to use different routes, materials, sources, and maybe people. And in the end, it worked out, for the most part. Need a car delivered to your home? Sure, no problem.

What you didn’t like, most likely, is that one guy (it’s always a guy) telling you that no, we don’t do business that way, are you crazy, we’ve been doing business this way always and there is no way that other way would work at all. If that was the case, we’d still use the telegraph (not the app), and not the phone or websites. But that’s not all.

Although technology is super-important, it is not the main aspect here, because there are moments when all of your technology is rendered useless. Park a ship sideways in the Suez Canal and that is about it for many aspects of the economy. Kind of similar to being stuck for an hour at Taco Casa drive-through. True story.

Din Don Fruity’s JU-C Jelly Fruit Snacks (Din Don part is the company name) scored big on TikTok, just like State Farm. Din Don actually did not plan on it that much, but the important thing is the possibility to present your product across multiple channels and to be open-minded about it (mindful, they say). 

That’s why Miller is the best for you.