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Is Advertising a Mind Game?

On your way to work, how many times would you say you hear the Walgreens commercial, you know the one with the little song that goes like this:

You may only hear it once or twice in your 30 minute commute, but hearing that tune Monday thru Friday once or twice a day, will give you a case of déjà vu, so every time you hear it, makes you think it’s the millionth time.

I bet you will start hearing the Walgreens commercial much more often; just proof that advertising works! Saying advertising is a mind game is like saying life is.

Let’s say you have been checking out the new Accords, all of the sudden you see them EVERYWHERE! Or if my friend and I are talking about having more kids, guess what, we see pregnant women everywhere. If you are in the market for something, you will pay attention to those ads, and you will remember them.

Advertising is definitely not a mind game nor a waste of time. Having the right agency can help you target the perfect audience that will mind your ads.