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How To Reach the Social Millenial

First thing I do in the morning… (I reconsider my words as I admit to being a textbook millennial)…the first thing I do in the morning,  before brushing my teeth or even sitting up – is check my phone. Whichever social media notification grabs my attention first is the winner. I usually give myself 3 minutes to scroll before I shamelessly continue my day. 

I would be very proud of humanity if I were the only one in the firm chokehold of social media. Although, after working in advertising – I know I am not alone.

4.7 billion people are active users of social media, capable of communicating and advertising in ways we have never been able to before 2004. A place we can share what we think, eat, purchase, want, and dislike. Most of all – social media is a place where we can relate. Relate with those who have similar interests. Relate with communities who have similar values.

Act surprised as if you didn’t see this coming…. We are passionate about social media. When any brand we’re speaking with, a prospective or current client, has a Gen Z or millennial strategy (and most do)…social media is a no-brainer. Because all of our clients have the same mission: engage and reach a community. With 72% of the public and 86% of millenials on social media – there’s a chance more significant than ever for brands to reach their target audience. 

Why hire an agency to manage your business’s social media? Because we will handle and execute your social strategy from a 40,000-foot view. We have a team of industry-leading creatives, copywriters, storytellers, TikTokers, and social millenials at your service. 

We work with a fundamental approach that builds a foundation for our client’s social strategy and execution. Our agency invests in understanding our client’s target audience, their industry’s latest trends, and how their audience is changing.

Allow us to demonstrate to your audiences who you are, what you bring to the table, and how you provide value in their feeds – regardless of the platform. 

Love or hate it – social media marketing has grown up and it is vital. We are here to help – whether that be our team creating a monthly content calendar, composing TikTok video productions, or executing social media management for your business.

We are ready when you are. Give us a call 972-243-2211.