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How does SEMrush work?

When you log in to SEMrush (Semrush from here), there is a plethora of information and the most common inquiry may be around the ‘how does SEMrush work?’ question. Many subtopics are nested under a couple of categories: Competitive Research, Keyword Research, Link Building, and On Page & Tech SEO.

Utilizing Semrush as a tool can be costly, but at the same time, it is priceless. As an umbrella platform for all sorts of data related to search engines, website traffic, and keywords, Semrush can save you time, and give you a headache, at the same time if not used properly.

Competitive Research in Semrush

Competitive Research in Semrush offers more common websites’ traffic overview, but it also provides valuable insights into Keyword and Backlink gaps. Tools like this, and the results they offer, can give you a way to beat your competitors in their own game. Internet data changes and evolves constantly, and it is often driven by changes in Google search algorithms updates. Being on top of Google search results pages is becoming increasingly difficult, paid or organic, as different tools, good and bad, enter the search ecosystem. 

Keyword Research in Semrush

In a way, Keyword Research in Semrush is backend research into Google. With some basic data available, like in Google Analytics, Semrush offers some of its own spins on the same data through tools like Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Manager, and others, with a very unique perspective on something that moves buyers these days: keywords.

Link Building in Semrush

The whole internet is based on links, just like your website. There’s quite a bit of science involved in it, since Google has many patents, er, linked, to it. Links pointing to your website and away, internal and no follow links, there is plenty to consider, and you may need to consider investing plenty of time in it. When Semrush reports on links, it is a mind-boggling experience, if we consider trillions of links out there. What matters is, most likely, the good links pointing to you and your website. Here at Miller, we take care of it on a daily basis. 

On-Page & Tech SEO in Semrush

On-Page & Tech SEO in Semrush is something you may have seen through other tools online, offering a brief overview of the technical data available for your site, and grading your website based on their established parameters for website data. Now, it is not Formula 1, but 0.1 seconds can make a big difference in those results. The online tools, while they may be free in part, and offer a really good overview of your website, Semrush is the one that can make a more comprehensive picture of everything related to your website and its competition.

On top of that, here at Miller, just like Semrush, we have good and experienced people taking care of different segments related to your project. Just yours, nobody else’s. Semrush is one of the professional tools we use for SEO projects, to evaluate website data, and to define a strategy that works, based on, you know, data.

Give us a call and we can talk more about it.