Find your Voice, Find the Future

Find your Voice, Find the Future

There’s more to auto dealer advertising than screaming commercials.

Unfortunately when sales slow down, hard sell advertising normally kicks in giving the dealer a quick boost in sales. Finding a balance between the immediate gratification of hard sell advertising and long term branding is difficult for most dealers.

Which is understandable when you’re looking at your monthly expenses versus your monthly gross profit, but branding your dealership is the only way to build for the future?

The future success start with finding your voice, a voice that reflects the personality of your dealership. Are you hard sale all the time, do you follow all the rules, do you like taking chances, is customer satisfaction really important to you?

Didn’t know your dealership had a personality? Your customer and former customers assign personality traits to your dealership.

Trustworthy, Caring, Crooks, High Pressure, Fair.

So start defining your dealership’s personality and from that a branding voice will emerge that can carry your advertising message today and in the future.

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