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Everything is changing and I don’t feel the same

So much. So much has changed. I walk into my closet every day and see 10 really nice suits that I will likely never wear again. The drift of time, clients now coming back to the office, but everyone is in jeans and sometimes jackets. Expectations have shifted, hard. 

This is a plus. Intellectual capital is at a premium, more and more prospects wanting help with business plans. I thrive on that, as I am a crappy marketing guy…I’ll own it. I know business, P&L, margin expansion. My team has a handle on creative and media where I do not. I am what you call a troglodyte in that area. But that is what a team delivers, so freaking solid. I hate the word pitch, as we don’t do that…we discover and solve. Pitching is for amateurs. The prospect we had for 90 minutes the other day lined up with us so well, as they wanted someone to learn their business. That was the primary driver.  Be willing to learn. Sidebar- if you are not reading at least a  book a month you are falling behind (but I digress). Go and learn and SHARE. 

I’ll learn a business to serve it better…so will my team. This is a weakness we have, we do WAY too much pre-work for folks that have not paid us yet. But how else would you be able to converse with them on an intelligent level? How do you really help if you just have unrelated ideas, to torpedo a business? It has been such a blessing to meet people, firms that want a business that is connected. I may have regrets when I retire but people do deserve a taste of intelligence prior to making a real big decision. 

Suits may not be a thing going forward. The pink ties that were my brand are no longer. The shirts are still pink, golf style. How will you land your brand in the next chapter? I am solving mine, some for clients too as they get this is the BEST time to reinvent/remessage for what matters next. Or you could sit on your hands…see how that works out. 
What should you be considering in terms of a brand shift? I have…new photo in my signature, new approach to business in general as the global expectation is wildly different than when I started in this business. How do we truly add value? It is a function of knowing the answer to what could be the ultimate question: What Do You Want? If you can get honest about that question, you win. What do you want? 

That very question made me patently uncomfortable about 12 months ago. I thought I was winning, but had not explored what it would look like to EXPAND. If you have a desire to expand, with good people making good decisions based on good research? I know a guy, his email is below. He wants to meet good people, hope you do too. 

P.S.- If you are not a Keane fan yet…eat all of it, they are heartful

Erik Radle

A voracious reader, un unabashed foodie and struggling golfer, Erik holds multiple degrees from Baylor University where he attended as a National Merit Scholar. His involvement in the community includes support for organizations like Educational Media Enterprises and Park Cities Baptist Church. More info