Market Effectively with Social Media.
Use social media marketing to start a conversation with consumers. With over 936 million daily active users (DAUs), according to Facebook, there has never been a more important time to have a social media presence. Here at Miller, we pride ourselves on an extensive knowledge of all social media platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

How To Reach the Social Millenial

When any brand we're speaking with, a prospective or current client, has a Gen Z or millennial strategy (and most do)…social media is a no-brainer.

Dating Apps & Advertising: Right or Left?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, Single Awareness Day depending on your current relationship status. But, TBH Valentine’s Day is truly the most important day in February. Thank you Leslie Knope. The dating scene has completely changed in the last few years.

Why advertising matters?

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“You shouldn’t eat that apple!” - my five-year old was providing commentary for Snow White as it was playing on TV. Later on, he may immerse himself into a similar…