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The days of thumbing through the phone book to find a reliable business are long gone.

Before you can ask if you are getting enough visits to your website, you may want to consider what brings those visitors there in the first place. Miller Ad Agency’s SEO team will help you evaluate all your current strategies along with implementing all best practices to ensure your site is getting every view possible.

How does SEMrush work?

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Utilizing Semrush as a tool can be costly, but at the same time, it is priceless. As an umbrella platform for all sorts of data related to search engines, website traffic, and keywords, Semrush can save you time, and give you a headache, at the same time if not used properly.

How to Optimize for Multiple Locations

I see the same pitfalls each time. We get a new client or prospective client asking us how to rank locally with multiple locations. After all, they only have one domain! How on earth could you associate multiple websites with one domain?

Miller Ad Agency Named A Top Advertising Agency

Creativity and ingenuity drive innovation, especially in the amorphous world of advertising. Forward-looking advertising firms know that there is a new wave of culture waiting to strike advertising firms. If your company…

How Far Will You Go for SEO?

Changing your city’s name is a little bizarre and far-fetched. But how about changing your entire county’s name just to show up better in search results?