Case Study: Mission Chevrolet.

Strong SEO and strong brand

Before you can ask if you are getting enough visits to your website, you may want to consider what brings those visitors there in the first place. Mission Chevrolet is a great example of a business that relies on more to make sure they have the eyeballs in the market on their website.

Mission Chevrolet logo with a convertible

When you typically go behind the scenes you see search, email deployment, and other mass digital efforts that lead a person to a website. Mission Chevrolet has equally strong SEO as well as very strong brand recognition. So what should you take away before you dive in head first?

One, you should make sure you have been and continue to optimize your website. Keep on top of all of the components that continue to raise the value of your site in the eyes of Google and the consumer.

Second, you can never forget the importance of brand recognition. Mission Chevrolet has spent the past 15 years CONSISTENTLY marketing their name and benefits to their El Paso market, and this effort can be seen in the large amount of direct leads to their website.

When the consumer knows your name, they can find you directly. This allows you to avoid the traffic jam of ads you can encounter on the web’s digital ad space. A combination of a strong performing site along with one of the most recognizable brand names in the market can ensure a company’s success. Contact us to learn more about how a strong SEO and branding plan can launch your business to next level market leadership and success.

Pie chart with information on web traffic results for Mission Chevrolet

Avoid the traffic jam of ads you can encounter on the web’s digital ad space.