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One way to keep your website fresh with new content is by writing blogs. Search engines do not like stale websites, so just like ours, yours should be far from stale. One of the best things you could do is to employ the whole company to write. At that point,  you get a healthy amount of versatility and capture a wider audience.  However, don’t stray too far from who you are.
wadded up paper being thrown into a trashcan full of other wadded up paper
Cherry Marshall

Top 3 Ways To Succeed In Logo Design

A good logo will not only create brand awareness but also ensure customer loyalty, which will ultimately lead to increased and recurrent sales. Creating a distinct, unique logo should be a priority for any business, and in the article, we will discuss how you can also make the perfect one for your brand.

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miller blog video killed the radio star
Kirk Wooldridge

Video Killed the Radio Star

We can’t help it. Movement is one of the top things that catch our eye. For advertisers, that means videos have more impact than ever before.

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Venes Alic

Paths to solutions

Long history short, today almost anything can be outsourced, from milk production to opinion manufacturing and consuming.

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Cheryl Sinclair

The Importance of Trends

Advertising is continuously morphing this year. Society has been thrown curveballs left and right. First a pandemic, then a racial injustice

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Miller with bias in advertising
Stuart Lang

Bias In Advertising

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Otto von Bismarck

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