Dating Apps & Advertising: Right or Left?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, Single Awareness Day depending on your current relationship status. But, TBH Valentine’s Day is truly the most important day in February. Thank you Leslie Knope. The dating scene has completely changed in the last few years.

Is Any Publicity, Good Publicity?

We’ve all heard this phrase. Any publicity is good publicity. But is it true? While it can be argued that simply having your business name out there is good for brand awareness, you definitely need to be careful with the associations developed.

How to Optimize for Multiple Locations

I see the same pitfalls each time. We get a new client or prospective client asking us how to rank locally with multiple locations. After all, they only have one domain! How on earth could you associate multiple websites with one domain?

The Consequences of Poor Marketing

The use of new marketing tools and strategies, coupled with radical market changes, has created an immense impact in today's marketing world. However, the results have not always been pleasing to customers and marketing as a whole. 

It IS Personal, It’s Business

Yes, the actual quote is “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business” but in this day and age when so much has been replaced by online commerce, home delivery, and digital…

Why email marketing is a must

The beauty of email marketing is you can completely personalize it. From the creative, radius, audience and more. Here at Miller we have you covered with every aspects of this quick process.

Who Tells Your Story?

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Below this I have posted my grandfather's obituary. He meant and means so very much to me. And the obituary he has below sucks.  I was feeling nostalgic last night,…

Name, Image and Likeness.

You Have a Story to Tell.  If Not Now, When? If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you might not know about the NIL deals being cut.  NIL stands for…

Words. Matter. 

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Follow me down the rabbit hole for a bit. I have been doing some reading on synesthesia, in a few cross-pollinated books. One book on the synesthesia that can occur with…


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Somebody asked me about obstacles. How do you handle them, Venes? I said I don’t see obstacles as such, but more as a part of the process. You can take…