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One way to keep your website fresh with new content is by writing blogs. Search engines do not like stale websites, so just like ours, yours should be far from stale. One of the best things you could do is to employ the whole company to write. At that point,  you get a healthy amount of versatility and capture a wider audience.  However, don’t stray too far from who you are.
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three sports celebrities
Cheryl Sinclair

The Effects of Celebrity Endorsements

In today’s age, a company must be transparent and relevant to its consumers. To do so, many brands choose to sponsor individuals to represent their brand and what they stand for.

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reach vs frequency words on wood
Stuart Lang

A Lot of a Little, or a Little of a Lot?

Should you attempt to reach as many people as the budget allows, knowing those people may only be exposed to the message once, or reach a smaller number of people many times? The answer, as with most things in life, is “it depends”.

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myth and truth road signs
Miller Creative

Common Misconceptions about Your Online Presence

As Miller Ad Agency’s SEO consultant, I get tons of questions and tasks that are based off of incorrect assumptions about how online marketing works. I couldn’t possibly list them all, but here are a few with a reoccurring theme.

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intersecting roads sign with marketing options of media, internet, television, radio, magazines, and newspapers
Kirk Wooldridge

“What’s the best use of my ad budget?”

I get this question quite a bit and it’s definitely changed over the years.  In fact, it’s different every time I get it asked to me.  My refrain is this, ‘If it was my marketing budget, what would I do?’

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Beyonce with lemons background
Jenni Halamuda

Got Lemons

This title should bring a few things to mind like either a bad new car, a milk ad campaign, or of course Lemonade. The difference is now Lemonade has an entirely new meaning.

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Social media icons on voting buttons
Sasha Gelemanovic

Social Media’s Influence on Politics

Today’s political campaigns are not your grandfather’s campaigns, or even your father’s campaigns. Gone are the days when people had to turn on the nightly news to find out what their favorite candidate was up to that day.

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Coca Cola can and Pepsi can battling cartoon
Cheryl Sinclair

Winning the Branding Battle

The United States is, by far, the largest advertising market in the world. If you are advertising within the United States then you are fighting a seemingly insurmountable battle on the world’s largest advertising stage. So, the question is: What are the key ingredients in the recipe for a successful branding strategy?

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happy faces with finger pointing lines
Miller Creative

A New Way to Approach Link Building

I felt like there was a noticeable lack of in depth information and examples for link building on the internet. With that in mind, I am going to go over what I have found works based on some experience, research, and successful execution.

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