Do we pull back on ad spend?

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Do we pull back on ad spend? How can we make our efforts more efficient and effective? How can I prove the value of my campaigns at a time when cost optimization is front and center?

Does Hybrid Work, Actually Work?

As business and agencies like ours make the definitive shift from fully-remote to hybrid work, one thing is crystal clear: the staff who went to work from home in 2020…

How To Reach the Social Millenial

When any brand we're speaking with, a prospective or current client, has a Gen Z or millennial strategy (and most do)…social media is a no-brainer.

How does SEMrush work?

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Utilizing Semrush as a tool can be costly, but at the same time, it is priceless. As an umbrella platform for all sorts of data related to search engines, website traffic, and keywords, Semrush can save you time, and give you a headache, at the same time if not used properly.

An Untouched Market – Hispanic Community

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 61.76 million Hispanics in the United States. Hispanics represent 18.9% of the population, helping transform culture and contribute to the economy. Yet, according to the Hispanic Marketing Council, only 6% of ad revenue goes toward the Hispanic community.

Embracing Our Inner Beauties

Have you ever sat down and really paid attention the messages both subtle and not so subtle on TV? Have you ever flipped thru a magazine and really looked at the models?

Let’s get personal about your dealership

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Full market recovery may be a few months off, so there’s time to reevaluate the current state of your advertising.  You have a lot of tools at your disposal to help with this effort.

Dating Apps & Advertising: Right or Left?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, Single Awareness Day depending on your current relationship status. But, TBH Valentine’s Day is truly the most important day in February. Thank you Leslie Knope. The dating scene has completely changed in the last few years.

Is Any Publicity, Good Publicity?

We’ve all heard this phrase. Any publicity is good publicity. But is it true? While it can be argued that simply having your business name out there is good for brand awareness, you definitely need to be careful with the associations developed.

How to Optimize for Multiple Locations

I see the same pitfalls each time. We get a new client or prospective client asking us how to rank locally with multiple locations. After all, they only have one domain! How on earth could you associate multiple websites with one domain?

The Consequences of Poor Marketing

The use of new marketing tools and strategies, coupled with radical market changes, has created an immense impact in today's marketing world. However, the results have not always been pleasing to customers and marketing as a whole. 

It IS Personal, It’s Business

Yes, the actual quote is “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business” but in this day and age when so much has been replaced by online commerce, home delivery, and digital…