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One way to keep your website fresh with new content is by writing blogs. Search engines do not like stale websites, so just like ours, yours should be far from stale. One of the best things you could do is to employ the whole company to write. At that point,  you get a healthy amount of versatility and capture a wider audience.  However, don’t stray too far from who you are.
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What’s your favorite color?

Color plays a much larger role in human cognition than most people care to realize. They can evoke emotion, recollect

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Top marketing trends in 2020

2019 was quite the year for marketing – the continued implementation and exploration of AI, voice and visual search, chatbots,

Are you capitalizing on CBD marketing?

Recently, it seems there is a new cannabidiol (CBD) store popping up every day. They’re practically multiplying like rabbits. With

Thank you, Miller

Hey there,  My name is Carlie Bryant. I am a future graduate and advertising major from the University of Oklahoma.

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dAD’s day

Father’s Day is coming up and we all know what that means… the slew of heartfelt video ads. While not

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Lights, Camera, Adapt

It’s easy enough to come up with the next big idea. Whether it’s inspiration for a small start-up or a

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Today, more and more companies seem to be making the push for more environmentally friendly products. From restaurants making the