Advertising In Four Words

With the four words above, what other career could I possibly be describing other than an employee at an Advertising Agency!

Interesting * Fluid * Challenging * Meaningful

With the four words above, what other career could I possibly be describing other than an employee at an Advertising Agency! 

Interesting – oh yeah!  What other industry can capture the attention of almost an entire nation once a year in bite size pieces of  :15, :30 or :60 seconds? Most well known, is advertising during the Super Bowl! Every year we wait anxiously for the Super Bowl commercials to laugh at, vote on and critique with our friends, especially those of us working in an agency!

Fluid –  To be successful in marketing you have to be flexible and nimble.  More so today than ever, marketing and targeting tactics are quickly adjusted in order to conform to the changing times.  

Challenging –  The mass adoption of the internet into everyday life is the single biggest event that has affected marketing over the last three decades.  To say challenging is a descriptive word for those in advertising is an understatement. When I started in advertising the internet was just emerging for small to medium size businesses.  I was fortunate to work for a company that was on the cutting edge in their time. As I struggled to learn the industry and its idiosyncrasies I recall saying to my first manager in advertising that I wish she could just pour all her knowledge of the industry into my brain.  I remember her response, “Karen I have forgotten more over the 30 years I have been in this business than you will ever know about advertising”. That statement sums up just how challenging advertising really is.

Meaningful – This is the reason we do what we do!  The feeling of creating a message that inspires people to buy, and the business we represent to sell their products and flourish is what keeps us going.  Is it meaningful? – oh yes! It is meaningful to the agency employees, to our customers and to the economy.  

As the world lives through this pandemic those of us in advertising are stretching our minds to find new and interesting ways to engage with our clients and their customers.  The landscape is like a river demanding us to bend and flow and ride the waves as they appear. But as challenging as this time is we reach deep to find meaningful ways to communicate our clients messaging.  All in a day’s work!