Seth grew up as the classic nomad, traveling across the Midwest looking for the perfect world to settle in… advertising. You could say advertising found him; over the years he found himself more and more intrigued with television commercials and the reasoning behind brand messages communication and design. Seth is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma where he honed his artistry in brand communications and also represented his university in the 10th district’s National Student Advertising Competition. 

After graduation, he excelled in working as a Business Development Coordinator, Internet Sales Manager, and a Marketing Manager at an automotive dealership helping grow sales in an ever changing technology driven world. As his road later led him to Texas, he joined the Miller Ad Agency team in 2014. As an exemplary Account Executive, Seth focuses on a variety of automotive brands, app companies and other local businesses. Servicing his accounts with a range of digital and traditional media, he has helped his clients surpass sales objectives, download goals, and overall business growth. Seth is driven and endlessly striving to progress his knowledge and career. When he’s not the tech savvy ad man… who are we kidding, he’s always that guy.

Grow sales in an ever changing technology driven world.

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