It the year 1998, Sasha set sail from the war-torn streets of Sarajevo for America and soon found himself deftly traversing the turbulent sea that is… advertising.

Upon graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas in 2001, Sasha wore every creative hat he could think of: layout artist, photographer, copywriter, concept artist, illustrator, designer, web designer, SEO guru, senior designer, and art director (or what he likes to call, “Captain”).

He’s sailed throughout his 15-year career as a professional creative pirate. Sasha worked with many different types of clients, including pretty much all automotive brands, lawyers, dentists, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, magazines, clothing companies, not-for-profit organizations, and some other corporate businesses.

Steering his talented creative crew members through the high seas of advertising, he continues to chart a path to success. 

Steers his talented creative crew members through the high seas.

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