Jenni Halamuda with sunglasses leaning on a chair

Jenni Halamuda

Sr Account Supervisor.

After not just partying-like-it-was-1999, but actually partying and graduating from Texas Tech University in 1999, Jenni Halamuda made it out of the tumbleweed infested South Plains to the glittering city of Oz, otherwise known as Dallas. She promptly went to work for a woman named Dorthy Miller, the true wizard of the Miller Ad Agency, and was driven to learn as much as she could and continue to climb the yellow brick road.

Jenni started as Junior Account Executive and learned everything from account services including shot direction, creative organization, and budget maintenance to the very important client relationship building.

She was quickly promoted to Account Executive and moved south to Houston to handle one of the largest groups of Ford Dealerships in the country, Randall Reed’s World Class Automotive.

After proving herself in a large market, Jenni handled accounts from California to Maine, logging frequent flyer miles and helping dealers grow their bottom line across the country. Now she is the Senior Account Supervisor heading up the Austin branch for Miller Ad Agency.

Jenni is more than a hollow tin man of an ad exec; she has a heart and creates relationships by partnering with her clients and striving to make sure they are always performing at the top of their game. She also enjoys mentoring the staff of junior account executives at the office in order to have a team that can move up the ranks and follow along on the road paved in gold.

Helping dealers grow their bottom line across the country.