Growing up in the automotive industry, Courtney knew from a young age how much hard work goes into running a dealership. Whether she was falling asleep in her father’s office or finishing her homework in the break room, she spent a large portion of her childhood watching first hand the effort it takes to not only building a successful dealership but maintaining the success as well.  

After graduating with a degree in Business Leadership, she began her journey in automotive advertising by selling digital platforms and automotive solutions to dealerships throughout the US and Canada.

She later found her way to the other side of the fence in becoming an Account Executive for a traditional automotive advertising agency where she had the opportunity to learn all the elements that go into branding. 
When Courtney is not formulating a winning strategy for dealers throughout the country, she enjoys riding horses with her daughter and attempting to coordinate the chaos with her son. She is a strong supporter of Autism Speaks and is the mother of a child with autism.

Formulating a winning strategy for dealers throughout the country