Cheryl Sinclair holding a paint brush and canvas

Cheryl Pelzel

Lead Graphic and Web Design.

Cheryl Pelzel lived in the country where riding a bike was less common than riding a horse. Born from this, became her sense of adventure and the desire to broaden her horizon with new experiences. So she traveled,  gaining knowledge in her wake.

First stop, College Station, where she graduated from Texas A&M with her Bachelors and played a vital role in the National Student Advertising Competition. Next, she traveled on to San Antonio, interning for a creative advertising agency and gained experience in a marketing role to assist another company in its endeavors to gain more clientele business.

When her passion for the advertising industry sparked, she found herself moving north to Boston to attend Boston University for her Masters degree in advertising. There, her advertising and designing skills bloomed through her rigorous program and internship, and found herself overseas for a summer abroad program; taking a couple of classes, traveling some, and interning there as well.

Missing the glorious sun of Texas after the brutal winter of Boston, Cheryl found that home is where the heart is. She moved back to Texas to work for Miller Ad Agency as their graphic designer, where she  pours her knowledge and experience into her work  for clients.

Pours her knowledge and experience into her work for clients.