Traditional Advertising with Miller Ad Agency

We use Traditional Advertising to get New Customers

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Our ad agency tailors the most effective advertising campaigns by incorporating customer demographics, sales histories, in depth interviews with company personnel and analysis of competitive spending and creative. Start strong and you will end strong. We do the work early and often to keep you ahead of the competition.

Media Control

Over 30 years of experience and over a billion ad dollars placed, Miller Ad Agency has the expertise to build a targeted media campaign for your business. Our team brings to the table years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies as well as hundreds of smaller businesses throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.
Buying direct and negotiating locally with each market we represent, our advertising agency delivers superior value for every dollar spent. Current local trends do not escape our media department and we set a higher standard for accountability with our media audits. Before you place one dollar in advertising it’s worth placing one call to us.
Television Make an impact and make it fast.

Full in-house TV editing suite gives us the edge over our competition.

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Radio Radio is going through a renaissance.

There are roughly 210 million licensed drivers and counting. That's a lot of radios.

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Jingles Jingles that stick in your mind.

The warmth and familiarity of a jingle creates a lasting, and sometimes subconscious, emotional bond.

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Direct Mail
Direct Mail Looking for an immediate response?

Direct mail is a great way to target specific potential customers and tell them about your brand, all without breaking the bank.

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Branding Branding is key.

Understanding your business is a key to a successful brand.

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Logo Design
Logo Design Seperate your company.

An outstanding logo can separate your company from the competition. It's the face of your business.

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Print Our team brings ideas to life.

You’ve probably seen our work around Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, Austin, and in other big markets across the country. You'll also see our work in small markets like Jackson Hole, WY.

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Billboards Make an impact on your brand.

Need immediate impact? Try a billboard. These large outdoor advertising display can get you noticed instantly. Your business may benefit from a billboard on or near your business, as well as, one near your closest competitors to build brand/name awareness.

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