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Pandora - online radio advertising

Looking for effective new ways to fuel traffic and sales?

Miller Ad Agency partnered with Pandora to reach your target audience and drive success for your automotive business. So why do Pandora Advertising? It is personalized internet radio that is free, simple and everywhere. With 80M+ active monthly users, Pandora reaches an engaged local audience at scale in your market. As listeners interact with Pandora, your brand becomes part of their musical journey. Target your ads by age, gender, geography and more, so no impressions are wasted. Measure the results of your campaign’s impact with clear, accurate metrics.

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Index for 18+ listeners

Pandora Advertising

Provides frequent auto advice.

Pandora Advertising

Shopped online for a new vehicle.
(In next 6 months)

Pandora Advertising

Searched Internet about used vehicles.
(In last 30 days)

Pandora Advertising

Purchased an auto loan online.
(In last 30 days)

It’s audio in native format.

Your message is seamlessly integrated into a natural listening experience, creating a personal connection with your audience.

Audio reaches your audience everywhere.

1,000+ Pandora-compatible devices ensure that your message reaches your consumers wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Connect with a highly receptive audience.

With less than four minutes of ads per hour, listeners get more music with fewer interruptions so your brand message stands out.