How we made i Fratelli busier in Austin.


The Challenge

i Fratelli Pizza was established in 1987 by the Cole Brothers in Irving, TX. They’re known for their thin-n-crispy crust, free delivery, and corporate lunches for a crowd. With their business expansion, the franchise needed to upgrade their social media presence and introduce their pizza to the residents at the new locations.

We recommended influencer marketing to help spread the brand’s message. To be able to track our attributions, i Fratelli challenged us to promote the Austin location only using Austin-based influencers. 


Austin, here we come

We don’t want influencers with fake followers. We also understand that just because an influencer is in Austin doesn’t mean all of their followers are from there too. So, we deployed our sophisticated influencer marketing tool, identifying top influencers by audience size, age, gender, interests and location. 


Influencer Post: Family Time With Fratelli

Date night for mom and dad means pizza night for kids! We tried out @ifratellipizza last week, and my kids loved it! First of all, the pizza is oblong and not round. How cool is that? Secondly, it was so good. You know I snagged a piece before I left because that’s what moms do!
Austin peeps they have two locations, and they deliver for free!! I am half way through updating my calendar with 7,498 practices per kid along with every “meet the teacher” night and “back to school” night and let me say I’m
gonna need some pizza!!
What’s your date night go-to meal for the kids or crazy back to school month meal?
Check out link in profile to follow & order!

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Google Analytics (This is HUGE!

Overall results 

94,543 vs 88,798

Fratelli Pizza website saw an increase of 5745 more visits in two months of influencer marketing. 


Austin Sales Report 

Sales Increase  Instagram Followers Franchise Requests
 +15%  +55%  +200%

“The campaign is effective in spreading our company’s brand. We had noticeably busier shifts after the influencers posts as well as several mentions of the posts by new customers.”

Garrett DiPasquale 
Franchise Owner - Austin 

Why Influencer Marketing?

1. It Builds Consumer Trust
2. Avoids Ad Blockers
3. Targets Audiences Accurately
4. Boosts SEO
5. Better ROI