Subaru of Plano Case Study

Subaru of Plano Proves the Power of a Good Jingle

They wanted a new sound ID, so we got to work

Subaru of Plano came to us with a challenge: To write a jingle that was catchy, without being kitschy, that could withstand the test of time.

Because automotive advertising is fluid and constantly changing directions, we had to begin this endeavor by confronting the seemingly impossible task; how do we successfully create an informative and creative jingle that won’t become mundane or obsolete?

We effectively answered that question with the songs “Everyday Love” and “Welcome to Our Family.” In an industry where jingles are typically annoying earworms that offer no real relevance or information, we decided to break the mold.

These songs embody Subaru of Plano’s commitment to their community and family values in a fun and inviting way. We believe “Everyday Love” and “Welcome to Our Family” are truly innovative alternatives in an extensive realm of commercial jingles. Enjoy!

Subaru of Plano - Welcome to our Family