Hudiburg Auto Group Case Study

How direct mail advertising set Hudiburg Auto Group apart

Hudiburg Chevrolet is 1/5 of the Hudiburg Auto Group in Midwest City, Oklahoma

They have been a client of Miller Ad Agency since Spring 2014 using all traditional and digital media services we have to offer. From jingles to newspaper ads, to web banners and pre-roll, we have worked with Hudiburg Chevrolet on all aspects of their marketing and advertising campaigns.

But it was our direct mail effort in December 2014 that truly set them apart.

In December 2014, Miller Ad Agency deployed an End-of-Year direct mail piece on December 20th to qualifying customer in Hudiburg’s customer database - a total of 8,501 names. Each recipient received a personalized letter with one of six messages to be redeemed before 9:00 am on December 31st:

  1. “We want to purchase your vehicle”
  2. "We want to lower your current interest rate”
  3. “We want to buy out the lease on your vehicle”
  4. “With your trade, you can reduce or keep your monthly payment the same on a new vehicle”
  5. “With your trade, you can reduce or keep your monthly payment the same when you purchase or lease a new or used vehicle + reduce your current interest rate”
  6. “As a way to re-introduce our family to yours, we’d like to offer you a $25 American Express Gift Card when you take a test drive.”

Of the 8,501 letters mailed, Hudiburg Chevy received a staggering 61 phone calls and sold 23 vehicles, totaling over $664,000 in sales and a massive 3,000% ROI, all in a matter of 11 days. For an End-of-year effort, this skyrocketed them into 2015 placing them at the top of their market in Oklahoma City.

Hudiburg Auto Group Case Study
Hudiburg Auto Group Case Study Numbers