Bill Utter Ford Case Study

SEO Skyrocketed Bill Utter Ford's Sales

January 2015 saw increased sales 15% YOY

Bill Utter joined with Miller Agency in January 2015 after increasing sales 15% YOY.

The OEM required another 15% increase for 2015 and they knew they needed to increase their efforts.

Miller Ad Agency put together a strategic plan to increase their market share by adding in stronger creative and a new digital strategy to increase YOY leads.

Bill Utter Ford has met and exceeded current goals and are on track to sell more New and Used Fords than in their 60 year history.

Bill Utter Ford Case Study

Total Website Traffic

We can attribute a significant portion of this jump to overall increased organic search traffic, a direct result of our SEO efforts. This means that more potential customers are finding the company through search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

Bill Utter Ford Case Study

Total Organic Search Traffic

Many of our searches originate on a mobile phone. When looking at these statistics specifically for mobile users, we’ve seen a steady increase since starting SEO. In June alone, compared to the Pre-SEO average, traffic increased 105%. In overall mobile traffic, Bill Utter Ford has grown significantly, as seen in the graph below:

Bill Utter Ford Case Study

Overall Mobile Traffic

When we narrow in to see how much of that traffic to the website was directly impacted by SEO, we’re seeing an increase in organic visits. This means the customer reached the site through a search on their mobile phone.

Bill Utter Ford Case Study

Mobile Organic Traffic

Their overall ranking within the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) has improved, with most targeted keywords ranking on the first page consistently each month. With site optimization, blogging, social media interaction, directory listing consistency, links and more, we delivered Bill Utter Ford a successful SEO campaign.

Bill Utter Ford Case Study