Credit Union of Texas

Wanted to successfully launch their new app into the marketplace

Case Study: Exceeding launch expectations

5miles is a mobile app company that launched in Feb. 2015 with the intention to develop and innovate a digital local marketplace for consumers to interact peer-to-peer for the buying and selling of products and services.

Their purpose is to be a budget minded, bargain shopper’s ideal location to buy goods and services at reduced prices from everyday retail.

The Challenge
The Goal
Drive 100,000 downloads in eight weeks.
The Challenge
The Strategy
A mix of branding and local DJ endorsements to build awareness through recognized, trusted voices on air and online.
The Solution
Direct Response
Giveaway/raffle concert & sporting event tickets to drive downloads.
The Launch
The Launch
Launch in several major markets including DFW, Houston, Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles.
The 5 Miles Unique Selling Propositions
Free to buy and sell with no listing fees
Like Instagram + Ebay
Identity verification via phone number, email and Facebook along with user ratings and suggested Safe Zones for exchanges or transactions.
Available in the App Store or Google Play
Posting is as easy as taking a photo from your phone
All buyer/seller communications are held in app


DJ Endorsements

The Woody Show - LA

The Billy The Kid Show

Branding Radio


The Results