Judy Wisch

Judy Wisch

Media Buyer

Judy has over 40 years of buying and planning experience. Coming from a family business of a weekly newspaper, media was in her blood.

She is dedicated to getting the best ROI for her clients. She has experience in all forms of traditional media on the agency and client side with local, regional, and national clients such as Wet n Wild, Holiday Inn, Rent-A-Center, Just Brakes, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Church’s Fried Chicken, Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza.

Judy’s belief about her clients and media partners is that they share in the success of the clients' business when sales and traffic are up, and they share in the challenges when traffic and sales are struggling. It is a team effort. Client + Agency + Media Partner = SUCCESS.

Her motto in media is, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.” When you ask Judy what she attributes her success to, she states, "You have to enjoy your work, your clients and have a sense of humor at all times."

You may also be thinking, “Man, she must have started her advertising career at 10." You are CORRECT.