MichaelAngelo Saucedo

MichaelAngelo Saucedo

Video Editor

His passion for creating in the video form has been a part of his life for many years. The entire visual production process flows through his veins as a creative, director, editor, and videographer.

MichaelAngelo began his career and commercial production as an intern while he was still in high school. His passion and work ethic earned him a position in video production support upon graduating. Eventually moved into the edit suite and worked his way up through the ranks.

His passion led him to become a part of the production process. He has worked on over 40 high and mid-level budget commercial productions in different positions including grip, camera assistant and lighting assistant among others. Eventually worked his way to helping create TV shows, long and short form content videos and video interviews for online magazines.


  • During his time as an assistant editor with a local production company, he worked on a Nielsen Auto Ad of the Year Super Bowl commercial.