Lisa Morrow Laubert

Lisa Morrow Laubert

Account Services

Lisa is truly a “Jane-of-all-trades.”

Hailing from Waco, TX, Lisa Morrow graduated from Richfield High School in Waco and attended McLennan Community College with a major in business psychology.

After college, Lisa took what she learned into the working world, focusing on positions that could directly help people. She worked at Educator’s Credit Union and Heart of Texas Credit Union in order to help educators and members of the local community help themselves financially.

At HPR Health Staff, Lisa marketed for and recruited numerous medical technicians, nurses, and physician’s assistants for jobs in and around the DFW area. She even served as a teacher’s aide, assistant basketball coach, and cheer coach at Saint Joseph Catholic School in Richardson.

Lisa is truly a “Jane-of-all-trades.”

When Lisa began working at Miller Ad Agency in January 2011 she filled a much-needed role, bringing her immense organizational and interpersonal skills into play as Office Manager.

She has proven herself to be a wunderkind of workflow management. She handles all accounts payables/receivables and media invoices, travel accommodations, organization of company functions, and is one of the go-to people for IT assistance.

Ask anyone at Miller and they’ll tell you that Lisa is the heart and soul of what makes Miller Ad Agency run seamlessly like a well-oiled machine.


  • While at HPR, prospected and developed new accounts, resulting in 32% growth over a 24 month period.
  • 20+ years of workforce managerial and organizational prowess.
  • Miller Ad Agency’s official “#1 Office Mom.” A vote was taken. She won unanimously.
  • Always has a cheerful demeanor and is a great source of worldly wisdom.
  • Makes the best queso anyone has ever tasted. Hands down.

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