Chris Lederer

Chris Lederer


He works his magic for Miller clients across the board.

Taking companies to the next level is a tall order. He knows that. It’s what his career has been all about. Now he does it for Miller clients across the board.

Chris Lederer started his career as an inventory manager for FairLease, a large auto leasing company based in Dallas, TX. Chris was brought in to help save the company from millions in residual losses that were headed their way.

He built a retail machine from the ground up, and after tackling that and mitigating millions in expected losses, completely rebranded the company taking in from an indirect finance shop to a powerful consumer direct leasing company that continues to flourish today.

Chris was then asked to take the parent company who was facing growth challenges of its own, Credit Union of Texas, through the same journey and did so in grand fashion. Now Chris applies his marketing and branding expertise at Miller Ad Agency.


  • Operational responsibility for full service advertising agency with 20 employees and 20M+ in annual billing.
  • Manages all account services, media, and digital departments.
  • Expanded into new verticals including financial institutions.
  • Improved internal processes to enhance client service levels.
  • Responsible for all Credit Union of Texas store operations, marketing, business development, facilities design and operations, and human resources. Increased membership by 15% and monthly account growth by 50%.
  • Loan and deposit account growth records broken each month for a financial institution with 80 years of history.
  • Mitigated $20 million in anticipated residual losses for the leasing company.

Goal: Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. wanted to increase website traffic and overall brand awareness of their products TX Whiskey and TX Bourbon, as well as their new distillery in Fort Worth, Whiskey Ranch.

Execution: We developed a year-long strategy, increasing Firestone and Robertson's digital online presence. Using our unique partnership with Oracle to target potential whiskey buyers and people with whiskey-based interests, we garnered an increased, more relevant base of website traffic, optimizing conversions on-site.