Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Marketing has become a need of the hour for every business entity. Irrespective of their scale and size, all businesses need to make an effort to create their positive image and stay in public sight. The recognition they get through marketing helps them in garnering maximum profits.

With the advent of technology, marketing has become digitized. Each year we are getting to see new marketing trends. Let’s have a look at which marketing trends are going to rule in 2017.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

The idea of promotion and advertisement has completely changed with augmented and virtual reality. A game that took the world by storm, Pokémon Go, was based on the same principle. It laid the foundation of a whole new experimental level of advertisement and marketing that is based on the virtual and augmented reality trend.

Quality & Interactive Content

A passive content, no matter how effective it is, may cause boredom to readers. The budding trend of interactive content is really turning out to be helpful in capturing the interest of the readers. You need to look for ways in making your readers actively participate in your content to gather their interest in order to market your brand efficiently.


Marketing through videos has been a popular means of advertisement for a long time. However,  modern technology has given rise to some remarkable changes in this technology such as live streaming and 360-degree videos. They have become a popular marketing tool within social media networks and help to give users a closer and in-depth view at the offerings and/or services provided by a particular brand.

Targeting Mobile Users

You won’t find a person without a smartphone in today’s times. Apart from providing the basic utility of communication, smartphones have literally become a necessity for everyone to perform a variety of routine tasks. Following this trend, most companies have already altered their marketing strategy to target smartphone users. This is why you see a lot of ads and sponsored posts popping up on your social media accounts.

Marketing Based on the User’s Usage Behavior

Various companies track data of your whereabouts on the internet and market their stuff to you accordingly. This is the latest trend in the market that is going to be on the radar of the marketers in 2017 as well. You may have often seen the deals offered by your nearby restaurants and shopping malls in your emails or through SMS; this is because the GPS system, which tracks your location, is accessed by companies to offer you their latest deals.

Apart from the above-mentioned marketing trends, market experts will be focusing on several other trends as well. The uses of social influencers to market a particular brand and chatbots have become a popular marketing trend.

Trends are short-lived, and so are marketing trends. People can get bored of the same marketing pattern easily. It is one such industry that requires innovation and change after a short period of life. The market trends that are hot in this season may not be that effective in the coming time. The ideal way for the marketers to make flexible marketing strategies is to incorporate changes in the runtime




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